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                Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise based on China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and general headquarters is situated in the Xi’an High-tech development zone. The company is mainly engaged in producing metal composite materials, High polymer materials and related products including CRA clad or lined steel pipes, special rubber products, environmental equipment and chemical catalyst. They cover a wide application range such as petroleum and natural gas industries, chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection and other fields. Now, we have already passed ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environment management system. Meanwhile, we gained several honors from national and local government.
                Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co.,ltd, depended on the Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology, owned high quality R&D team and technology. the company has a number of proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Technical level always keeps national leading position in the related sector. Through years of development, the company has already formed the perfect innovation system. Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co., Ltd embraces the spirit of China aerospace, always keeps to the highest quality standard and establishes the perfect quality guarantee system. Caring about employees, protecting the environment and holds the sustainable development belong to our responsibilities.
                Xi’an Sunward Aeromat Co.,Ltd always holds the principle of meeting the customer’s requirements and makes the clients be satisfied as our final target. Integrating all kinds of technical resources, establishing the perfect procedure and network, providing the whole solution and all-round top services, the company will create more value for the customers all over the world.
        Conatct Us
        Address: 32 Tuanjie South Road, High tech Development Zone, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China Zip Code: 710075
        Tel: +86-029-83311222(Extension 3332) Email: market@aeromat.cn
        CopyRight @ 2010-2014 Xi'an Sunward Aeromat Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved
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